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Mindful Field Notes is an online journal of writing and photography by Arbor Lee | Oh My Darling Days. 

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 Photo by Arbor Lee.

Photo by Arbor Lee.

Reflecting on how I wish to feel in the new year, the word buoyant emerged. I sensed this word in my entire body. It felt spacious and expansive like an air balloon filling and rising with life-giving breath. It felt fluid and graceful like a jellyfish undulating with the ocean current. It felt light and lifted, moving with the pleasurable ease of a bird riding the thermals. Buoyant.

As I move through this year's joys and challenges, I wish to expand my reach with the same patient and spacious quality of a balloon in flight— a sense of exploration without being tethered to a specific outcome. I wish to greet life's challenges with the fluid grace of a jellyfish, softening into my resilience instead of becoming rigid with anxiety and fear. I wish to feel lifted and light as a soaring bird, embracing thermals of joy and ease without hesitation and deepening my relationship with daily delight. Yes, I wish to experience these layers of buoyancy, to move through this year with lightness of being.