Hello! I am Arbor Lee.

parts of me.png

I am a writer, artist, mindful explorer and beauty forager.

I offer images and words as seasonal refuge— restoring souls through small moments of attention and beauty.

I am a harbinger of quiet stillness, offering a way of navigating the noise through mindful living and daily gratitude.  

I write and create for remembrance, offering my unique witness to the diverse landscape of experience.  

I am an explorer of sacred moments— attending to the healing magic hidden within the layers of an ordinary day.

I am an advocate for sensitive souls and anyone in need of a space to heal and rest.  

It is my desire to inspire others to mindfully explore and flourish in their lives.

Welcome! I am grateful you are here.

A Few Details:

I love open questions, singing and music, drawing with thread, the view through my macro lens, pasta, dark chocolate with almonds, sparkling beverages, riding my cruiser bike, "elevensies".

I avoid quick answers, unsolicited advice, rushing, noisy crowded spaces, processed foods, assumptions.

I cherish slow mornings with my beloved, mindful walks, kindred connections, rainy days, a freshly made bed, coastal time, exploring nature, my inner wisdom, mindful poetry, the company of birds and my furry babes.

I am captured by the tiny world at the center of a flower, the delicate strength of moss, the power of hummingbird wings, the way my cat Frida looks at me, our capacity to thrive, the ever-shifting and spacious sky.

My favorite question is “What is alive for me now?”

My favorite place is my backyard.


Short & Sweet Bio:

Arbor Lee is a writer and artist attending to small moments of discovery within the layers of an ordinary day. She is the author and illustrator of Morning Symphony: A Walk With the Birds and her personal narrative essays have been featured in The Sunlight Press Literary Journal, Bella Grace and Mabel magazines. Through her writing, photography and handmade work, Arbor aspires to awaken mindful curiosity and offer seasonal refuge from the noise of life.