Featured AUTUMN Offerings

New seasonal offerings will be highlighted here as they become available.


Life Touches Life

I am excited to be offering my first large art print! The image on this archival print was created from hand cut collage and digital art details as my homage to the interconnection of all life. It is my Pledge to Mother Earth— to honor, protect and preserve her gifts. It is my visual praise to reciprocity, to the life-giving relationship possible when we recognize the way Life Touches Life. 

This new offering is currently available in a Limited Edition series of 10 art prints size 11 X 14 inches. Each print in this limited run is printed on archival, acid-free Mohawk FSC certified paper with an inch border for easier framing. Prints are signed and numbered by me.

Any future printings of this image will only be available in open editions of smaller sizes or cards.


Harvest Gratitude

A card for acknowledging the bounty in your life. A card for harvesting the good. 


Preserve Light

A card for all things hopeful and bright. A card for celebrating warmth and light.


Gather Warmth

A card to warm hands and hearts. A card for connecting, near and far.